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Don't Look Back                Ahead

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Happy Holidays
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Decorative Ornaments


Our product contains a high quality camera that takes picture with the press of a button. Photos are saved to our cloud or can be transferred to ones' phone storage. The "look" glasses contain a 40 megapixel camera.


CREATE MEMORIES using "look" glasses.

Voice Operations

-Our glasses contain a voice activated aspect which can be enabled to meet ALL customer needs

-There are volume buttons on the side of the glasses with a speaker just above the ear to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or whatever your heart desires



Our              lenses have a screen layered on top of the glass.

-We offer prescription and nonprescription lenses so EVERYONE can experience the advanced world that "look" provides.

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Keep Your Eyes Safe

Our team prides ourselves on protective eye technology through blue light lenses to REDUCE EYE STRAIN!

-Allows for comfortable TV, and phone viewing before bed.

A company that is here for YOU!

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Do you ever drop your phone on your face? Isn't it so annoying? Why did you say yes? And our glasses are a perfect solution for this.​

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injuries EACH DAY due to distracted driving


Additional Subscription Purchases AND COUNTING


of young adults SUFFER FROM overexposure to blue light


For access to the INNOVATIVE FUTURE

Buddle for all the subscriptions AND the Augmented reality glasses!


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Merging the Real and Virtual World through innovative efforts